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  • Very easy to use, no tech skills required .
  • The platinum version is up and working well, most impressed by the 3D and new options available.

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How to Use Photo Flash Maker ?

The following is a guide to using Photo Flash Maker to create SWF album and upload to website.

Step 1: Downlaod Photo Flash Maker , install it and run it.

The program has two modes. One is Wizard mode which creates slideshow with basic templates only. The other is the normal mode which enables you to make slideshow by either basic templates or advanced templates.

Wizard Mode

Wizard mode of Photo Flash  Maker

Normal Mode

Normal mode of Photo Flash  Maker

You can choose create flash slideshow with normal mode so that you can use all options in this flash creator software.

Step 2: Organize Photos

Photo Flash Maker uses Windows-Explore like panel for finding images you want to use in the slideshow. Click Add or Add All to select photos from folder selected in the upper left window. This flash slideshow creator supports images in JPEG, TIFF, gif, BMP and GIF format.

Add Photos in Photo Flash  Maker

After add photos to Photo Flash Maker, you can reorder the added photos simply by drag-and-drop. It would be much better if the flash slideshow creator provides other photo sorting method rather than drag-and-drop only, such as sorting photos by name, number and date.

Step 3: Edit the photo

Double-click the photo and you will see a pop-up window called Edit Photo

Edit photos

In Info tab, you can title the photo, specify the photo link and add descriptions to the photo. But not all templates support displaying descriptions. You can see options for customizing Transition Effects here. Select desired effect from the drop-down list in right lower window. The default duration of transition and photo is 2s and you can change it too.

In Text tab, you can double-click on the photo to begin inputting text. You can apply same text to all slides by clicking on the text you have input to select the text first off and then click Add Selected to All button. The position of added text can be changed by drag-and-drop. The font, size and color of added text are customizable as well.

It is recommended to add text and edit the image with other image tools, such as PhotoShop and then add to this flash maker when you want to make flash banner. The program takes the photo and added text as the same item, so the text will be unseen after you resize the theme template.

In ArtClip tab, you can select artclips provided in the program or add your own images as the artclips.

Step 4: Select Theme Template

Except more than 50 basic templates, this slideshow generator also provides more than 80 xml-driven advanced flash templates. Moreover, the company continues to add flash theme templates, advanced templates in particular, to the program.

-Using Basic Templates

By using Basic templates, you will find SWF and HTML file in the output folder. Various options are available. Click the desired theme in the Theme list to select it and then you will see all settings of the selected theme, such as theme size and theme background. You can only customize basic setting in Basic templates.

Basic template of Photo Flash  Maker

Flash Options

You can change the flash album title and size in the upper Basic Window. Not all the template can be resized. You can find options for controlling playback of the slidehsow, visibility of the control panel and photo URL link as well. As you can see above, the transition can also be customized here.

Add Music

Click the Add button to add the background music to the photo album. Music in MP3, WAV and Wma is supported. But some basic templates have no Mute control, so it would’ be a good idea to add background music that the viewers cannot control.

After this, you can click the Publish tab to go to the final part.

-Using Advanced Template

It is more complicated to use advanced templates, since they are xml-driven ad will generate more files in the output folder except the SWF and HTML. The most importantly, you must use the correct path of SWF file so that the flash can be displayed correctly on you webpage.

Advanced template of Photo Flash  Maker

After you select a theme from the left theme list, click Customize Properties to customize settings in the theme.

From the screenshot above, you can see almost all settings can be customized.

Settings of advanced template

Step 6: Publish the Slideshow

After you finish editing all theme settings, you can publish the slideshow.

With Photo Flash Maker, you can create the photo album to flash, data disc and or upload the photo gallery to Go2Album, a free online photo sharing produced by Anvsoft.

Before publish the slideshow, you can customize output settings by changing the name flash file, XML file (only available by using advanced templates) and HTML file. The location of the output folder can also be specified here. .

Click the Publish Now button and the flash photo slideshow is published at once. After publishing, you will be asked what to do next, including open the output folder, view the slideshow or upload the slideshow to Go2Album.

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